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SubjectRe: chroot bug, & Re: Ideas for v2.1
[Rick: There is a discussion on linux-kernel that the chroot command: choot(2) 
should change the working directory to the new root.]

On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, Brian Pape wrote:
> > Dirname is the address of the pathname of a directory, terminated by an
> > ASCII NUL. Chroot() causes dirname to become the root directory, that
> > is, the starting point for path searches of pathnames beginning with `/'.
> This is a chroot(3) man page, the behavior of the system call might well
> be different than the intended behavior of /usr/bin/chroot.


I think it's time to contact the author the chroot command for linux and
talk with him about fixing this bug in the choot command to minimalize
things which are different in linux than in other unix opterating systems.

[I have added Rick Sladkey's address from my chroot(2) man page to into
the "Cc:" field.]


| Bernhard Kaindl, Tallak 95, 8103 Rein, Austria |
| Autor of kmenu, first kernel config tool for linux w/ automatic menus |

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