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SubjectRe: Anyone using /dev/sbpcd with linux 2.0 ?
[Just my suggestions for a "clean kernel build" when having problems 
after patching the kernel, This may also be an other problem:]

On Tue, 11 Jun 1996, Vladimir Petersen (=BORG=) wrote:

> If you use /dev/sbpcd and tried to compile 2.0, how did it go?
> Did you get this after reboot?
> mount: block device /dev/sbpcd is write-protected, mounting read-only
> sbpcd-0 [09]: bad cc_ReadStatus after read: 00
> sbpcd-0 [10]: st_check detected - retrying.
> mount: wrong fs type or bad superblock on /dev/sbpcd

Maybe something was out of order in your 2.0 kernel build tree.
If patch up kernel releases, it may be neccesary to "clean up"
things from time to time. I suggest doing the following if
you have troubles after patching to a new release in case of

save your .config out of the source tree (eg.: cp .config ..)
do a "make mrproper", this should then clean most things.
restore your .config (eg.: cp ../.config .)

Restore the original sound config script:
cd drivers/sound ; cp Config.std ; cd ../..

do a "make oldconfig", now you get asked about your choices about
new config vars which your .config probably don't has yet, if
you use the sound driver, don't copy your old configuration from
/etc/soundconf, re-enter all sound-options with care.

do a "make dep", then a "make zImage", or whichever your main target
is(you can add also in one run with "make dep" by running "make dep

It's also possible to have an corrupt kernel tree, because of
failed patches which may have not been noticed, then you can
restore an old functioning source tree and patch it up again
or (better) get the full actual kernel tree.

When installing a new kernel, and all looks good, I only do:
make oldconfig (-> for new kernel config options)
make dep (-> for updating dependances)
make install modules modules_install (->main compile)
reboot -t2 (->reboot!)
depmod -a (->for making module dependances)

I Hope that stategies are ok and useful for you,


| Bernhard Kaindl, author of the original menuconfig(without curses- |
| dialog, a raw script to show the way), Tallak 95, A-8103 Austria |

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