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SubjectRe: 2.2.0 wishlist
On Thu, 13 Jun 1996, Robert Glamm wrote:
> > First, user-visible things:
> [...]
> > * Undelete command
> This should be a user-level option, IMHO. Personally, I don't believe in
> undelete :) and would never expect (or want) a kernel revision to implement
> support for it. Instead, implement 'erase' and 'undelete' commands at the
> user level (or replace rm and add unrm?); that way, people that want it
> can simply install a user-level package, and people that don't can ignore it.

Well it's part of the ext2fs, man chattr goes:
When a file with the `S' attribute set is modified, the
changes are written synchronously on the disk; this is

E2fsprogs version 1.02 January 1996 1


equivalent to the `sync' mount option applied to a subset
of the files.

When a file with the `u' attribute set is deleted, its
contents is saved. This allows the user to ask for its


This would be a good thing to set on users home dirs, proberbly with a
configureable purge (say 10 days ;), the purge would be in userspace, but
the actual saveing the data from being reclaimed when the link count
reaches zero has to be at least initiated in kernel space. It's current
status (together with the compress bit) is un-honoured (ie not
implemented/commented out/...).

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PGP key pass phrase forgotten, \ Overload -- core meltdown sequence
again :( | initiated.
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