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SubjectRe: Ideas for v2.1
> In article <> you write:
> >> > driver in full working order. So can't we just replace "Ok.\n" with
> >> > "\r\e[K", which will wipe the message off the screen *if* the test
> >> > is successful.

What's the use of the messages if you don't have a chance to read them? To
be able to read them you would have to pause for at least one second
before wiping the message. Probably several seconds if you would want to
understand the message too. This would mean adding an extra minute or two
of flickering messages on the console when the OS is booted and in the end
they are all gone anyway.

> Colourized boot messages would certainly look pretty, and make

I doubt they would look pretty because they would probably be done in the
worst possible taste. Somebody already posted a shocking coloring scheme
involving almost every color you can get on the text console, all the way
from cyan to red.

Johan Myreen

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