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SubjectRe: 2.2.0 wishlist
> the afformentioned kernels, a cycle/IO hungry process can really impact
> system performance. I was quite horrified comparing my Sparc clone
> (SunOS 403) which had 8MB (12ms SCSI2 in SCSI1 mode HD) versus a 8MB
> 486/33 (10ms ISA IDE HD) ... Granted the 486 would be slower, but the

Your IDE disk drive is the big problem, it needs a lot of CPU supervision so
swapping gets very very CPU intensive instead of being just a queueing
operation with the card doing the smarts. 2.0.0 should be about as good as
we can get on IDE (its a lot better all around for swapping than 1.2 as it
uses very good algorithms now).


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