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SubjectRe: kernel 1.3.75/76
Followup to:  <>
By author: "Andrew C. Esh" <>
In newsgroup:
> DUPRE Christophe wrote:
> >
> > I've been unable to compile both of these kernels : during compile of
> > drivers/char/ gcc is unable to find the file uni_hash.tbl or
> > something like that, near line 303.
> >
> > I've upgraded by patching from 1.3.71.
> I remember a bug in "conmakehash.c" that caused it not to be able to
> produce that table. Conmakehash is compiled and run during the kernel
> build in order to make that table. I had to fix some of the logic, because
> whoever wrote it simply believed the manpage for "isxdigit(3)". The
> description of the return value for that function is:

I have gotten numerous reports of this nature, and they have had only
in common that they were all incorrect. The last change to
conmakehash.c was, I believe, in 1.3.3. In general, it seems to stem
from crud or corrupt files in the source tree. I suggest to "make
mrproper" followed by "make config" and "make dep"; even better: get a
clean, new tar file.

The only occurrence of isxdigit in conmakehash.c is:

if (*p != 'U' || p[1] != '+' ||
!isxdigit(p[2]) || !isxdigit(p[3]) || !isxdigit(p[4]) ||
!isxdigit(p[5]) || isxdigit(p[6]))

...which is correct: it looks for the letter U, a plus sign, and
exactly four hexadecimal digits in succession.

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