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SubjectRe: rationale behind /proc filesystem? (wuz Re: 2.0, loggings....)
> On Wed, 12 Jun 1996, Michael Neuffer wrote:
> > Actually this comes from Plan9, a new designed OS from the AT&T labs
> > with some of the same people working in the background working, that
> > already "invented" the original AT&T Unix.
> Plan9 is a very bad B-Movie (Plan 9 from outer space) It's actually
> attained cult status as far as I can tell, because it's so bad. OS9 is that
> which you mean ;).

Wrong 8)

> > It is a beast you have to get used to. Some people love it, others
> > hate it for the strangest reasons.
> OS9, and it's window system "8 1/2", or the proc fs ;) ....

OS9 is a microware OS. Plan 9 from Bell labs is the OS he is talking about.

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