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SubjectRe: nasty crashes with 2.0, no panics - how to debug?

On Wed, 12 Jun 1996, Grant Taylor wrote:

> - 1 unpatched Win95 box on the network routed and samba'd by Linux.
> - 1 ne2000 clone, driver not a module, in each.

This could do it.. there are a very very larrge number of ne2000 cards
that will crash 90%of systems quite randoimly... it ussually comes with
increased network trafdfic.. of people i know who got ne2000 cards 5 out
of 7 crashed their machines (we have a very high load network) in the ones
that crashed we were able to get the manufacturure to replace 3 of them
with ones with a better chipset that didnt crash and we had to replace the
other two with an intel exterexpress and a 3com card....

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