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SubjectRe: Ideas for v2.1
Leonard N. Zubkoff wrote:
> My idea for disks that support it would be to have the disk "name" based on
> either the serial number or a unique identifier stored on the disk. Then would
> could move disks around arbitrarily on channels and IDs without confusing the
> mounts.

This is an excellent idea. I would expand upon it in the following

suppose we had two things, a serial number and a mount point.
Sort of like disk12345 and /usr. If we stored both of these on the
disk (we already do, I think, I'll bet every disk has a serial number
and every disk has been mounted at some time and that mount point is
typically stored in the superblock - at least UFS does that and all
filesystems should).

At boot time, you go find all the mount points and you allow people to
have fstabs that just say

/usr ext2

and the right things happens. What happens if some bozo mounts
a tmp disk on /usr and then unmounts so you have two /usrs?
That's what the serial numbers are for. /usr is really a partially
qualified name. You can always say mount /usr.disk1234 and you get
that disk.

Larry McVoy (415)
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