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SubjectRe: 2.2.0 wishlist

> > > First, user-visible things:
> > [...]
> > > * Undelete command
> >
> > This should be a user-level option, IMHO. Personally, I don't believe in
> > undelete :) and would never expect (or want) a kernel revision to implement
> > support for it. Instead, implement 'erase' and 'undelete' commands at the
> > user level (or replace rm and add unrm?); that way, people that want it
> > can simply install a user-level package, and people that don't can ignore it.
> Well it's part of the ext2fs, man chattr goes:
> ....
> When a file with the `u' attribute set is deleted, its
> contents is saved. This allows the user to ask for its
> undeletion.
> ....
> This would be a good thing to set on users home dirs, proberbly with a
> configureable purge (say 10 days ;), the purge would be in userspace, but
> the actual saveing the data from being reclaimed when the link count
> reaches zero has to be at least initiated in kernel space. It's current
> status (together with the compress bit) is un-honoured (ie not
> implemented/commented out/...).

Doh, someone tell me to RTFM... ;)

I still don't think that it should ever be implemented. If you've got
home dirs on an almost-full disk (i.e., like 99%), you could conceivably
be ``wasting'' maybe 5, 10, even 20% on undeleted files, and the full disk
would become a needless annoyance (IMHO :). Does someone
have stats on how often & what size files are deleted/created/modeified
in a home directory structure? Almost sounds like a computer science
master's thesis topic to me.. ;)

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