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Subject[C] /proc/summary
Folks -

I've been hacking away at a /proc/summary entry for quick reference
when commenting on your kernel. I thought that it would be a
one-stop-shop for certain major configuration information.

One thing that I wanted to place in there was the GCC CFLAGS that were
used to compile the kernel.

My question is, are these stored anyplace in the kernel ? If not, I
was thinking the easiest solution would be to do something like the
following in a Makefile someplace

gcc (... normal stuff ...) -DKFLAGS="${CFLAGS}"

That way my routine in proc/array.c could output it.

Does this seem like a clean way of doing it? Or perhaps something is
already in place?

Comments? And please, no flames, I'm just a simpleton trying to learn
more ....

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