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SubjectRe: 2.2.0 wishlist
Amazingly enough Alan Cox said:
> The lowest level work to enable us to sidestep some of the deadlock cases
> for this is ready for 2.0. We may manage this in 2.1. However I'd buy a disk
> they are so cheap NFS swapping is a bad plan.

For labs and such, however, local harddrives are a maintainence

There was a project a while back called "rswap," which someond
did as a graduate research project. It allowed swapping over
inet, only instead of an NFS file, it was a special swapping

Info can be found at
(I believe the original documents are in Portugeuse, so if
someone ever wanted to translate...)

The only patches were against 1.1.0, however. I wonder if the
system is still feasible with 2.0....

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