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SubjectRe: Ideas for v2.1
On 13 Jun 1996, Henning Schmiedehausen wrote:

> So, lets see, how it is currently:
> I have
> /dev/hda -> IDE
> /dev/sda -> SCSI ID0
> /dev/sdb -> SCSI ID3
> /dev/sdc -> SCSI ID4
> /dev/sdd -> SCSI ID5
> Now I remove SCSI ID3. 'drive does not spin underwater error'
> /dev/sda -> SCSI ID0
> /dev/sdb -> SCSI ID4
> /dev/sdc -> SCSI ID5
> :-(
> Not too different from the scheme you criticized above. But it is
> already in there. And IMHO it sucks. :-(

Agreed, but at least in the current scheme if the problem is a SCSI disk,
then IDE disk numbering is unaffected. If the problem is a IDE disk, then
SCSI disk numbering is unaffected.

What should be done IMHO is a device which described the type,
controller nb, drive nb, paritition nb, ala sysV (I think). This way, no
confusion possible.

Christophe Dupre Universite de Montreal
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