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SubjectRe: 2.2.0 wishlist
Thomas Koenig:
> Now that Linux 2.0 is out, it's time for another round of Request For
> Features.

Good. A few more ideas:

* Secure TCP sequence numbers (the random driver has some code
for that which doesn't seem to be used anywhere at the moment)
* Update the kernel PLL model for the current version of xntpd
* Deal with out of virtual memory situations more gracefully -
at least, reserve a few last VM pages to root; maybe add VM
per user (not per process) limits? Putting processes which
fail to allocate memory to sleep might still be better than
killing them as long as there is a way to prevent deadlocks.
* revoke() system call a la *BSD (to make sure no one holds this
device open - not limited to tty devices)
* Allocate ftape DMA buffers (96KB!) on first open (free on last
close) instead of during driver initialization; needs fixing
the memory allocation code first so that it doesn't cause so
much fragmentation (and failing to allocate large contiguous
areas even though there are still lots of free pages)
* Swap files over NFS (for diskless workstations)
* Clean up code for swap files - the msdos_smap thing should no
longer be necessary ([u]msdos fs has supported bmap for ages);
now that we have the loop device, maybe it can be used for
swapping and special code for swap files can be eliminated?
* Add ability to open serial devices without raising any modem
control lines (DTR, RTS) for applications where these lines
are misused for special purposes (shutting down the UPS...)
* Add ability to register/unregister transfer functions for the
loop device - someone might then write the SFS-compatible
encryption module (SFS is an encrypted filesystem driver for
DOS written by Peter Gutmann - it just encrypts the raw device
below the filesystem layer, so it doesn't depend on DOS and
should be usable for other filesystems such as ext2 too)

Also, "minimalistic video code" is listed twice - I guess this is
the result of heated discussion on this topic :-).



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