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SubjectNeed Help & Suggestions on LDDK

Hi Kernelists :),

I released a first useable version (I hope) of the Linux Driver
Development Kit (LDDK) just a few weeks ago.
The kit currently contains a driver code generator
(that generates a complete source-tree from a driver definition).

Additionally I started to implement a Kernel Service Library that provides a
simple Kernel Ressource registry (similar to the Xressources database).
The Idea is to have a common and easy API for driver customization. The
Ressource Manager is currently implemented as loadable module. The
ressources can be installed and configured with one program so you'll
need only this one program to manipulate a driver's behaviour.

The LDDK sources can be obtained via ftp from the linux lab project (LLP)
A short introduction article is availiable in the LLP whitepaper journal

It would be great if I'd find some contributors to this project but also
some discussion or criticism is welcome. It may be possible that some of
the ideas are already present in 2.0 but I started this project
before 2.0 arrived so don't flame me....
The main goal of this project is to pull more hardware developers to
a Linux-Base so we would have more and better support, it would be imaginable
that drivers could be generated for different platforms.
If you think this tool is completely useless/futile/bullshit please let
me know :-).


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