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SubjectRe: your mail
On Wed, 12 Jun 1996, Riku Saikkonen wrote:

> Does this noatime patch really break POSIX conformance? I.e. does it really
> not update the atimes at all? If it doesn't, wouldn't it be better to put
> the atime updates in the kernel's disk-write cache and not flush the cache
> if there are only atime updates to be flushed?

As usual, my suggestion is to restructure all sorts of things I don't

Maybe you could store atimes in a compressed sense; Make a struct with just
atimes and inode numbers, and pack them into a page of memory. You could
stuff a lot of atimes away before they took up much space.

Even assuming you put -half- of the memory to pointers for some kind of data
structure (much more than necessary), you could look at 7,000 files and
still only have 1 meg of atimes 'constipated away'.

You have new mail in /dev/null

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