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SubjectRe: Ideas for v2.1

> >>>>> "SL" == Systemkennung Linux <> writes:
> SL> To the best of my knowledge there are no MIPS laptops :-(
> Sony News.

Try to find a News machine here in Germany. I've never seen one here.
(But aside of SNI/SGI there is more or less nothing with MIPS CPUs available
here. Had to import my Acer from Taiwan ...)

(I probably have the capitalization wrong; it's _not_ the
> windowing system/postscript display extension/whatever.)

Which is a Sun product.

These were pretty
> nice (a little large, perhaps), but the OS was weird.

Indeed, makes me wonder each time I use it...

In another answer someone answere about NEC making MIPS laptops. Funny.
I tried to call 'em. They don't know about this machine. It's the same as
with Acer. They sell MIPS machines but it's very hard to find someone at
Acer that knows that they do ...


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