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Subject2.2.0 wishlist


Now that Linux 2.0 is out, it's time for another round of Request For

Here's what people on linux-kernel have been suggesting, in no
particular order. Some items are rather hotly debated.

First, user-visible things:
* Modularization of ide.c and ide-cd.c
* Minimalistic video code to make Linux more "aware" of the current
* Making the boot process less verbose as an option
* Colorizing the boot-up display
* Making 80 lines the maximum line length during boot
* Make the system embeddable
* Journaling file system
* Access Control Lists and other security enhancements (POSIX.6
* Full Threads support using clone()
* Queued signals and other POSIX.1b (aka POSIX.4) stuff (see
posix.1b for good summary)
* signal stacks
* Undelete command
* 32-bit minor/major device numbers
* STREAM support
* IPv6 (in progress)
* CPU quotas per user
* System call auditing (for real paranoids)
* Minimalistic video code to make Linux more "aware" of the current
* Making atime a configurable option (per file system?)
* Moving of all the relevent README files into the Documention
* Localtalk support for the Appletalk stack
* Allowing the video mode code at bootup to be optional
* Being able to run a parallel zip drive and a printer at the same
* Ability to change the scheduler at runtime, via loading a module
* SCSI device numbers should include drive IDs, not be consecutively
* Microchannel support
* More flexible configuration through sysctl
* Integrated PCMCIA support
* hfs and userfs filesystems
* physical/logical volume manager (like AIX)

Second, internal kernel stuff:
* Adaption of all CD-ROM drivers to generic interface
* Drivers being able to throw away their init. code once complete
* Global min/max functions
* Faster dep (qdep, for example)
* Better kmalloc debugging
* Serial console support

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