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SubjectKernel panic with 2.0
I just got this after few days of no-problem work:

kernel panic: skput:over: 0014ad38:488

and everything I could do was pressing Big Red Button.
I was able to do console switching with Alt-F* but
not any dumping with ScrLck key combination.
(hmm, I just checked it again and it appears Scroll-Lock key combination
only write to logs, not to the screen. Is it normal with 2.0?)

I got this panic few times in the past with different kernels
and reported it but no one answered.

Please, please, please tell me what this panic means and by what can be
caused. I think it can be hardware fault, but I have no such problems
until I started using 1.3.7x and later kernels.

Let me know if any additional info is needed.

Best regards


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