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Subjectlibc-5.3.12, kernel-2.0, struct msghdr

I just downloaded and compiled Linux kernel 2.0. All works fine,
thanx, guys.

One problem though. I read the Changes file included with the kernel
and decided to upgrade my other software as indicated there.

When I tried to compile libc-5.3.12, I got compile errors. Seems
that the struct msghdr in the kernel include file socket.h has been
changed. Is this libc problem?

The error came from the source file fd_kern.c, which cannot access
the msg_accrights and msg_accrightslen members of the msghdr struct.
It does, however include a file called pthread/mit/sys/compat.h which
defines the struct as fd_kern.c likes but it is between #ifndef
__LINUX_UIO_H condition which does not return a true value because it
includes sys/socket.h which includes linux/socket.h (where the
new-style msghdr is defined) which includes linux/uio.h (#define

What should I do? Get the compiled libc? I wouldn't like that.

Magnus Hiie
Eesti Ekspress
Tel: +372 6408046
GSM: +372 56 51146

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