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Subjectutmp (fwd)
> What's going on in utmp/wtmp?
> I do a who, and get lots of stuff about sessions no longer valid, I show
> myself logged in about 24 times. What's up with that, I've seen others
> on this list complain of the same thing. Doing a 'w' on the same
> instance shows '-' under what for the sessions that are phantom.
I second the above. This especially happans with xterm sessions. They don't
get logged out until I exit X and then logout from the VT.
Anyone got a patch?
I'm running 2.0.0 with the newest binutils, libc, ppp only my
sysVinit is older than the stuff listed in Changes.


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Marko Siladin | | | VCU, Dept. of Math. Science \ / Division of Computer Science

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