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SubjectRe: Boot messages (Was: Re: Ideas for v2.1)
On Wed, 12 Jun 1996, Brad Pepers wrote:

> messages should all still go to the log file so that you can see them
> later if you are diagnosing a problem.

how? most of these messages are produced before any filesystem is mounted
or any log daemon is running. you can either see them on the screen, or
not get them at all.

> It really comes down to whether anyone thinks its a good idea for non-
> technical people to be able to run Linux.

i've installed linux for several non-technical people. i just tell them
that the information scrolling by is the system configuing itself, and
that unless there is a warning or alert (each of which are unlikely), then
they can safely ignore the messages, and thier meanings will become clear
over time.

i would say i ran linux for several months (probably longer) before
knowing much about what those messages ment. it didn't stop me from
running linux.

Why Linux? source code. POSIX. tcpip. job control. support from the authors.
drivers for most hardware. because one terminal or process is never enough.
forget the other O/Ss, i use Linux- the choice of a gnu generation.

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