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SubjectRe: mrouted
> Hello,
> I tried to run a precompiled binary mrouted-3.81 on redhat linux 1.2.13
> on a 486DX2 with 16Mb. I get the following error message :
> What do I do ?

Do the same test with linux-2.0.0
The Multicast Routeing was not added before mid 1.3 -series.

However as you asked about this, I begin to feel you might not
know what it is for ? If you don't, DO NOT try to play with it!

In global scale the MBONE, which is the product of mrouteds, and
other IGMP using routers, at the critical locations (hubs) forming
up a multicast network, is still a research tool, and as such,
rather fragile for un-intentional misconfigurations. Good info:

Ask your network service provider for support, and assistance with
the MBONE. Nothing is worse, than unco-ordinated MBONE linkageing.
(MBONE tries to optimize the traffic over any given links -- if
possible, data must not be sent twice over same wire.)

> Thanks in advance,
> Sanjay

/Matti Aarnio <>

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