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SubjectRe: Boot messages (Was: Re: Ideas for v2.1)
> > resides, and nothing else. I vote for suppressing _all_ this mess unless 
> > somebody boots with the ``verbose'' option. Something like:
> Its not clear we should because there are some messages that definitely
> ought to be kept - Copyright messages on boot
> Caldera's non verbose boot option offended several people
> Alan

Still it would be nice to have a two additional options other than
kprintf() for printing the boot messages.

One for error conditions, that could highlight the message in some manner to make
it stand out.

Another function for messages that can be supressed with a kernel option.

To bad we can't make Lilo put up a graphical picture like Windows 95
does. Maybe a nice winter scene with Penguins frolicking in the
background ;) . Lilo could pass a parameter to the kernel to have it reset the
video to text mode before calling init.
Dwight Hubbard
MCI ISN Tech Support MCIMAIL: 200-1654

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