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Subjectload ave stick's at 1.0x
Running 2.0 for several days now. Linus, my most deserved congrats.
There is one problem though:
Our server at work is great. Best thing to keep M$ at the door that I have
ever seen. My laptop is great except that every now and then the load ave.
seems to stick at 1.0 to 1.04. This is while running nothing other that X.
If I reboot the problem goes away and who knows when it might come back.
Tonight I tried to force the load up to see if it would return to stick at
1.0 or drop to normal.
cat /dev/zero raises the load to 1.24 and when cancelled returns to 0.3 and
below. as anyone else experienced this and does anyone have an explanation?

Thanks now.

Bryan C. Andregg [] Linux Kernel Version 2.0.0
System's Administrator [] Red Hat Software Linux
Internet Direct Communications [] Tkined, perl/Tk &c.

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