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SubjectRe: and make problems
	Did you read the release notes that came with libc?

It tells you how to fix this problem.. They're there for a reason :-)

You can also check out
for links to other stuff you may need.

- jared

METU-Math graced my mailbox with this long sought knowledge:
> Hi all,
> I have just upgraded; in fact tried to apply the Changes. Everyting
> was ok until I have upgraded to
> When I try to make something such as kernel and try make dep I get an
> error message of
> make: *** No rule to make target `dep'. Stop.
> even if I try to specify the Makefile nothing changes...
> Here are some versions:
> gcc 2.7.2
> ld version cygnus/linux- (with BFD cygnus/linux-
> I would very much appreciate any help. Thanks in Advance.
> Alp

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