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SubjectRe: Attaboy Fellows
On Mon, 10 Jun 1996 22:43:48 -0400 (EDT), "Alan V. Shackelford"
<> wrote:

>Good work, guys. Even as newbie as I am, I compiled 2.0 on the first try,
>and IT BOOTED. I have previously downloaded the various recommended
>tar.gz packages which should be used with the new kernel, and have one
>question about them. Is the full path to each file within the zipped tar
>files included? In other words, if I put the tar.gz in the root and do a
>tar -xvzf will all the files end up in the right place? I don't have
>enough spare disc space to have hundreds of files lying around in the
>wrong places, so I have to do this right. I really need to know how to
>ensure that things go where they need to go. Advice?

Mostly they do; check the release.something file for installation
instructions (e.g. libc-5.3.12 comes wth a textfile

But you can check manually as well, by using tar ztvf something.tar.gz
(or ztvvf [note the double 'v'] - I never figured out the difference)
which will show filenames within an archive.
Johan Wiltink
I am. I think.

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