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SubjectReleased: modules-2.0.0.tar.gz
Hi all!

Inspired by Linus, I have decided to fulfill my longstanding promise
to make a new official release of the module support utilities...
Even though I haven't had the time to include everything from my
to-do list, this release is at least a clean-up of the betas.

Notable news from 1.3.57:

- More correct ELF-handling in insmod
- Insmod support for Sparc
- More pre-configured "alias" entries for modprobe
- The modprobe configuration file can be named "/etc/modules.conf"
- New commands available in the modprobe configuration file
- BFD support for modprobe
- Optional support for persistent module storage (needs libgdbm)
- Support for kerneld protocol extension (include the pid)

There are a lot of small fixes, code movements and documentation upgrades...

In the next release (for 2.1) you should hopefully see a full BFD version
(without any need for an extra "ld" pass), where modprobe and insmod
will become merged into one executable. There will also be a kerneld
blacklist. Perhaps the kerneld protocol will be implemented a bit
different as well, but that depends on the linux-2.1 development...

Anyway, you can download it from my web-page, as well as from the
more popular ftp sites.


Bjorn <> <>

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