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SubjectRe: Ideas for v2.1
One more idea (plus some comments on those below)...
o KIP support for the Ethertalk stack.

> We all get to play while Linus is away. :) Hipsters unite.
> Ideas for 2.1 (subtitled "Things that make you go, hmmmm...") :
[Some good ideas]
> o Very trivial, but a global min/max function [I notice in a lot of spots, they
> are implemented per .c file with a note usually saying "Why isn't there a
> global function for this?"]
Doesn't this really belong in gcc?
[more good ideas...]
> o This might sound campy, but it might be useful. Colorization of some of
> the boot-up displays. This way, you don't end up with the added waste
> of a graphical display [like Win95], but it still looks a little more
> 'jazzier'. Whether this is possible at all, I'm not sure. It just popped in
> my head.
A nice example of this might be the boot-up sequence of an HP 712. HP's is nice, Linux could be much better.
[rest deleted]

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