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SubjectAttaboy Fellows
Good work, guys. Even as newbie as I am, I compiled 2.0 on the first try, 
and IT BOOTED. I have previously downloaded the various recommended
tar.gz packages which should be used with the new kernel, and have one
question about them. Is the full path to each file within the zipped tar
files included? In other words, if I put the tar.gz in the root and do a
tar -xvzf will all the files end up in the right place? I don't have
enough spare disc space to have hundreds of files lying around in the
wrong places, so I have to do this right. I really need to know how to
ensure that things go where they need to go. Advice?

One net to rule them all, one net to find them, one net to bring them all
and using Unix bind them.

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