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SubjectRE: 2.0
Well, I guess it's time to join the chorus of cangratulatory messages.

I've been hacking Linux since December 1994. It's been quite a journey!
From networking code that didn't quite work through SCSI drivers (esp. the
aic_7xxx drivers). The kernel's been through a lot! I've got to say that
the quality of the "experimental" kernel line has been amaizing. I can
still remember some of the fun with the 0.X and 1.1 lines.

All in all, a hearty "Well Done" to all the contributors to the kernel, and
of course to Linus for putting up with all this insanity!


Bruce Thompson | "Rumors of our death have been greatly
Developer Technical Support | exaggerated."
Newton Systems Group | - Employees of Apple Computer, Inc.
Apple Computer, Inc. | | "Don't believe half of what you hear, | and most of what you read in the papers" | - Me

I don't speak for Apple, my opinions are strictly my own.

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