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SubjectIdeas for v2.1

We all get to play while Linus is away. :) Hipsters unite.

Ideas for 2.1 (subtitled "Things that make you go, hmmmm...") :

o Adaption of all the CD-ROM drivers to use the generic interface.

o Modularization of ide.c and ide-cd.c

o Drivers being able to throw away their init. code once complete.

o Very trivial, but a global min/max function [I notice in a lot of spots, they
are implemented per .c file with a note usually saying "Why isn't there a
global function for this?"]

o Ability to nuke source code that is not specific to your configuration.
Not necessarily a default option, but an option, none-the-less.

o Split drivers for various architecture dependent code [like atafloppy.c,
etc], into their own 'arch' directory. Split PCI specific code into
its own directory, since it tends to span various computer systems.

o 'qdep' replacing the normal 'dep'

o Minimalistic video code to make Linux more "aware" of the current state

o SAK patch

o Making the below messages optional. These are nice for distribution
packages, but most people don't change their hardware that often to make it
worthwhile each time you boot-up.

This processor honours the WP bit even when in supervisor mode. Good.
Checking 386/387 coupling... Ok, fpu using exception 16 error reporting.
Checking 'hlt' instruction... Ok.

o 'kmouse' integration

o Keeping the name 'linux' instead of 'lignux'

o Removing the following from kernel/panic.c , since you can't compile under
2.5.8 anymore [unless you are sneaky]

* GCC 2.5.8 doesn't always optimize correctly; see include/asm/segment.h

int bad_user_access_length(void)
panic("bad_user_access_length executed (not cool, dude)");

o Uploading various patches to for a centralized deposit.

o atime configurable like a patch that was past down the list a while ago.

o Moving of all the relevent README files into the Documention directory,
where they belong.

o Centralized parallel port interface for plip, lp, zip, etc, much like
what 8390.c does now. Reduces code duplication.

o Only re-make modules if necessary

o Floppy driver rewrite

o 'kmalloc' improvements

o This might sound campy, but it might be useful. Colorization of some of
the boot-up displays. This way, you don't end up with the added waste
of a graphical display [like Win95], but it still looks a little more
'jazzier'. Whether this is possible at all, I'm not sure. It just popped in
my head.

o Fix the boot-up display so that "kswap started" doesn't appear in the
partition check. Also shorten display width of some messages so that they
will fit snugly into an 80 column line, instead of partially bleeding onto
the next line below it.

Linux version 2.0.0 (root@lucretia) (gcc version 2.7.2.l.3) #7- Sun Jun 9
12:23:42 EDT 1996

Linux 2.0.0 (root@lucretia) (gcc 2.7.2.l.3) #7-Jun 9 12:23:42 EDT 1996

o All the stuff Linus mentioned ;-)

What I'm currently working on:

o Breaking sbpcd.c apart cleanly, per family.

o Allowing the video mode code at boot-up to be optional [the whole "Press
<space> for choices", video card probing, etc]. This might make the kernel
small enough to stick on a DD floppy again. (?) It makes some video cards go
crazy anyway.

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