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SubjectTermio/pty coding question: Directions?
Whats the list to ask a pty/terminal io related coding question?

Since I've wasted an email, lemme ask it here as well.

Ive got a daemon I'm coding that opens a pty (BSD-style) and then just passes
io between the TCP descriptor and the master side of the pty ala telnetd
or rlogind.

(1) including sgtty.h undefs ioctl and defines ioctl to bsd_ioctl
which then doesn't link when compiling ELF, although its there in the
libbsd.a but anyway, to the point. (2) I try to ioctl() the TCP descriptor
with a TIOCGETP which fails with EINVAL (arg). Whats the preferred
"Linux" way to do this, should I even be using sgtty? Is EINVAL due
to me undefining ioctl (reversing sgtty.h) to get a link, and linking
the wrong one?

Concerning (1), whats the address to linux-gcc list?

Please mail direct as this is off topic.
At least I'm not discussing the speed of light. :P

Melvin S.

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