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SubjectRe: 2.0, loggings, cpu quotas, 2.1 issues, etc.
On 10 Jun 96 at 11:15, Jeff Johnson wrote:


> ***** Second, I would like to see some of the meter-0.2 or Portato code
> integrated into kernel source and/or modules. This way, system status
> lights could be updated by the kernel, without reading /proc or calling
> uptime/ps/the like. This might be considered bloat, but that why it is
> optional.

Already done..... Well, it just needs to be modularised. and some
wayward numbers fixed..... I've not looked at it since around 1.3.81

> ***** Profiled/stripped swap. Swap could be written to two drives at


One thing I would add, is that the serial console patches should also
be included in the 2.1 kernel.

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