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SubjectRe: 2.0, loggings, cpu quotas, 2.1 issues, etc.
> ***** Second, I would like to see some of the meter-0.2 or Portato code
> integrated into kernel source and/or modules. This way, system status
> lights could be updated by the kernel, without reading /proc or calling
> uptime/ps/the like. This might be considered bloat, but that why it is
> optional.

I think this still belongs in "user-space-land".. that's a featurism that
probably .5% of the Linux community uses and works well, in user-space.

That's the main reason /proc is there, from what I can gather.. so you can
write 'support' programs that can do exactly what 'Portato' or 'ps' does.

> ***** Better removeable media/cartridge support. Many devices (Zip, Jazz,
> Bernouli, CDROM, etc) can be ejected by software. When the disk is
> unmounted, the device should eject it's disk. This should not be very
> difficult to implement.

It's usually a user-definable configuration option already.. many people do not
want it set as default due to crampt desk-space/etc..

> ***** Lastly, the Rob Krawitz P5/FPU memcpy() should be included into
> 2.1. It has been working flawlessly since 1.3.8x, and I have never had
> any bit flips or corruption of any kind. I can do a make -j on the
> kernel souces without a problem. His machine is rather flaky, and the
> only other problem is that SMP support together with pentium memcpy will
> not boot.

It should be included in 2.1, optionally, not default.

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