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SubjectRe: WARNING - broken! CONFIG_AEDSP16 was not declared!
Hi men!

I've played with xconfig many hours, trying to make it better than it
already is, and maybe I know the source:

"make menuconfig" runs in drivers/sound "make mkscript" which in turn
overwrites the standard drivers/sound/ with an experimental one.

"make xconfig" in turn uses this experimental one, but does'nt know that
it don't works for configuring some sound cards!

cd drivers/sound;cp Config.std

... should cure the problem, but you loose the xconfig-Interface for
the sound configuration, however, you need do it only if your sound
configuration has a problem with it.

Besides, you may have to look at the tty(xterm) from which you started,
because the standard may ask questions to this tty when you
save the configuration.

I would like to get in contact with a people which are interested
in approving an xconfig with better integrated sound configuration, not
excluding other possible tune-ups and fixes.


| Bernhard Kaindl, author of the original menuconfig(without curses- |
| dialog, a raw script to show the way), Tallak 95, A-8103 Austria |

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