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Subject2.0 SCSI Bug Report
My news server went down in a blaze of glory this morning.

It started with pages of Warning: Running low on SCSI DMA buffers.

Then I got Aiee: 001228e5 Scheduling (I suddenly can't remember it verbatim)

001228e5 is in the __wait_on_buffer call on my system.

I'm using a AHA1542b on that system with one SCSI drive and a CD Changer
hooked up. Someone had just started accessing the CD Changer when this
started (for the first time since moving to 2.0)

One additional thing.

On both machines that I upgraded to 2.0 that have CD Changers I've
noticed a small problem. Before when I did a mount -a and had all the
CD's listed in /etc/fstab it would mount them 1 by one, now it only
mounts the first, issues an error about not being allowed on this fs and
goes on... If I keep typing mount -a it will mount the next and then
issue the errors for the rest. I've solved it by putting in mount
commands for each disk. But, this did work under 1.2.13.


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