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SubjectRe: Floppy driver concerns

>Actually the above is a bit too harsh, as FDFLUSH will call
>invalidate_drive() and the kernel will think that the media has actually
>changed (see below) when it hasn't.

ok, agreed.

Btw, I wonder why these common ioctl's aren't handled in a common
file, as is already done with BLKROSET and BLKROGET via the RO_IOCTLS
macro. For instance, code for BLKFLSBUF, BLKRAGET and BLKRASET is
similar for all block devices, except for taking advantage of local
macros where available.

>> + /* BLKRRPART is not defined as floppies don't have
>> + * partition tables */
>foobar# fdisk /dev/fd0
>Command (m for help): p
>Disk /dev/fd0: 2 heads, 18 sectors, 80 cylinders


What you're seeing here is the new HDIO_GETGEO ioctl in action :-)
(As floppy disks don't have partition tables, it's not really useful
for fdisk, but might be useful for Lilo in the future.)


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