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SubjectRe: New 2.0 web page
> > > 	You need to update your *Very* out of date page.
> > > is 1.8.0, libc is 5.4.2, sysvinit 2.62 just to name a few.
> >
> > His page is right. libc5.4.2 1.8.0 are TEST software. I was very
> > impressed with the page and it will put you in the right place.
> >
> > Dont run libc5.4.x unless you are on the gcc list and want fun
> >
> > Alan
>This reminds me, there is one small problem with
>linux/Documentation/Changes in reference to the version of libg++ you
>should use. In the process of my recent upgrade I installed libc 5.2.18
>and libg++; I found that C++ programs then produced amazingly
>bogus output. It turns out that libg++ is what you should use
>with libc 5.2.18; libg++ _must_ be used with libc 5.3.x. The
>Changes file should suggest libg++ instead.

By a similar token, I'm still using binutils because version
says it requires libc 5.3.something, and managing just fine.

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