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SubjectRe: WARNING - broken! CONFIG_AEDSP16 was not declared!
Cerberus wrote:
> On Sun, 9 Jun 1996, Emil Stepniewski wrote:
> > > When running 'make xconfig' on 2.0.0, I get:
> > >
> > > WARNING - broken! CONFIG_AEDSP16 was not declared!
> > >
> > > when hitting the 'sound' button.
> As do I. Unfortunately, including sound (sb16) in the 2.0.0 kernel caused
> the compile to crash. I removed the sound support (still got the warning
> message when make xconfig started), and Linux 2.0.0 compiled fine.
> -dave

This problem's been around awhile. I posted it long ago, but got no reply.
I'm guessing you installed a complete source tree for 2.0.0. So did I and
it reappeared. The kernel compile failed. I redid me config with make config,
the text version and recompiled and now galaga plays just fine under 2.0.0.

I will pay more attention this time, but I believe that I will not see this again
as long as I apply patches, if I install another complete source tree, I will have
to do the text based config at least once. Gotta wait for patch-2.0.1 to try
my theory out, though. :-)

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