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SubjectRe: proc_register_dynamic() problem & questions


> I'm trying to use "proc_register_dynamic()"+"get_info()" for displaying
> some kernel data structures. Can i somehow output more than 4K of data?

No. You should use "proc_register_dynamic()" + "fill_inode()", and
create your inode_operations and file_operations.

> The current implementation {the VFS calls array_read(), array_read()
> allocates one page and calls get_info()} seems to be limited to 4K.

Sure. Using get_info is just a way to easily create short read-only files.
In the /proc filesystem you can still do everything you like, but with
the full-featured vfs interface.

> any comments greatly appreciated, Ingo

hope this helps. Feel free to bug me personally for firther info.

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