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SubjectRe: [POSIX.6] Patches uploaded
In article <>,
<jerijian@seas.ucla.EDU> wrote:
> There's at least one interesting patch which I use every day.
>The noblink package turns the Linux console cursor from a
>hardware-generated blinking one to a software-generated block cursor.
>This patch is currently available at
>Please note that the 1.3.x diff needs to be applied by hand, since it
>fails to patch in a couple of spots. This is one patch I'd LOVE to
>see in Linux 2.1.x.
> I hope this helps.

Yup, noblink is very nice, especially on portables, those darned LCD
screens. I've put a patch that goes in cleanly on at least 1.3.94 upto
pre2.0.9 at:

Basically I think one define got changed, and a few other cosmetic
changes that made the patch supplied with noblink-1.7 fail. You'll NEED
to get that package in addition to the above patch.

* Neil Soveran-Charley, System Administrator, Mersinet Internet Services *
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