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SubjectGA5486, can't reboot (2)


I have a a5486 board, which does not reboot. after unmounting all filesystems
and writing "Rebooting", the screen goes blank, but after that you'll wait
infinitely on a reboot.
under m$/dos, rebooting works. is it done a different way
(i.e. jmp far fffffff0) ?

then I removed all hardware I had except for a PCI video card and
the HDD which is a Quantum Fireball IDE.

system did not reboot.

oh well, so I planned on rewriting hard_reset_now, and since I guessed that
this would surely require some fscks, I changed the disk. I removed the
1G Quantum Fireball and put in a 80MB disk ("Miniscribe").

You can imaging how surprised I was, when suddenly the system rebooted
without problems !

Does anyone of you understand what's going on here ? How can a hard-disk
hinder the system rebooting ?! That's beyond my knowledge and understanding...

Herbert Rosmanith

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