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SubjectBug Report -- SCSI controller freeze-up
Symptom: System becomes unusable, after a few hours or days.
Cannot be rebooted using alt-cntl-del.
Must be power-cycled.

Error Messages: SCSI controller frozen (etc.) Re-trying (etc.)

Kernel: at least 1.3.84 and above (I'll explain below)

My system: 133MHZ Pentium PC
Buslogic BT946C SCSI controller
2 SeaGate Barracuda 2GB SCSI disks
1 scsi cdrom
1 Exabyte 8mm SCSI tape drive
1 soundcard
64 MB memory

Comments: I have been running 1.3.20 with NO SCSI PROBLEMS.
When I updated to 1.3.84, the problem first occurred.
1.3.100 has the same problem. Because I went from
20 to 84, I can't pinpoint when the bug was first

-- tony russo


Surrender to the void.
-- Lennon

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