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SubjectRe: noblink (was Re: [POSIX.6] Patches uploaded)
In article <>,
Mark Devlin <markd@eskimo.COM> wrote:
>On 1 Jun 1996 wrote:
>> In article <>,
>> <jerijian@seas.ucla.EDU> wrote:
>> > There's at least one interesting patch which I use every day.
>> >The noblink package turns the Linux console cursor from a
>> >hardware-generated blinking one to a software-generated block cursor.
>> Yup, noblink is very nice, especially on portables, those darned LCD
>> screens.
>I may be out of it, and this may be off-topic, but doesn't setterm do this?
>setterm -blink on|off

How about colour cursors? Does setterm do BLOCK cursor rather
than underline too? the noblink package does... give it a go... It was
really written for LCD displays (it is VERY hard spotting an underline
cursor on an LCD display after scrolling a bit), but I'd use it on a
'normal' screen too, I like having a blue cursor *8-)

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