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Subject1.99.10 sound conf problems
Something strange is happening.

I did the ususal 'make mrproper', 'copy my old .config back' 'make oldconfig' and
it seems to function as expected. I have a Tropez whih has special treatment in
the configuration step to build the firmware.

I then decided to try 'make menuconfig' and 'make xconfig'. The menuconfig did offer
the usage of the old soundconf, but the xconfig knew nothing of it.

Now I cannot do the straight 'make oldconfig' anymore, it never offers to use the
old soundconf. I think that somehow the standard config script was hijacked by
one of the other config systems.

Also drivers/sound/ is giving an error on undefined CONFIG_AEDSP16. I
am not anymore sure if this is the original or was it a bad one
generated make xconfig/menuconfig.

Also, the (already reported) error in fs/ causes 'make menuconfig' to go
ballistic - I would prefer a nice error message, even a verbose abort will do.

Eyal Lebedinsky (,

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