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SubjectTidying drivers/scsi/ (with patch)

Just a small thing if the aim is to go for a user friendly 2.0. The order
of the low level drivers in drivers/scsi/ has got a bit scrambled
over the past few months.

Currently you have to scan the whole list if you're looking for a driver as
they aren't ordered in any way. Even the two Utrastor drivers, which are for
the same cards(?), are separated in the list.

Also, the AM53C974 PCI driver is currently offered even if PCI isn't

A patch to sort the list and make AM53C974 dependent on CONFIG_PCI is
attached below. Should this go in 2.0?? If so, who should I send it to?




--- linux-1.99.10/drivers/scsi/ Sat Jun 1 23:10:32 1996
+++ linux/drivers/scsi/ Sat Jun 1 23:07:10 1996
@@ -14,16 +14,21 @@
mainmenu_option next_comment
comment 'SCSI low-level drivers'

-dep_tristate 'AdvanSys SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_ADVANSYS $CONFIG_SCSI
+dep_tristate '7000FASST SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_7000FASST $CONFIG_SCSI
dep_tristate 'Adaptec AHA152X support' CONFIG_SCSI_AHA152X $CONFIG_SCSI
dep_tristate 'Adaptec AHA1542 support' CONFIG_SCSI_AHA1542 $CONFIG_SCSI
dep_tristate 'Adaptec AHA1740 support' CONFIG_SCSI_AHA1740 $CONFIG_SCSI
dep_tristate 'Adaptec AHA274X/284X/294X support' CONFIG_SCSI_AIC7XXX $CONFIG_SCSI
+dep_tristate 'AdvanSys SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_ADVANSYS $CONFIG_SCSI
+dep_tristate 'Always IN2000 SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_IN2000 $CONFIG_SCSI
+if [ "$CONFIG_PCI" = "y" ]; then
+ bool 'AM53/79C974 PCI SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_AM53C974
dep_tristate 'BusLogic SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_BUSLOGIC $CONFIG_SCSI
dep_tristate 'DTC3180/3280 SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_DTC3280 $CONFIG_SCSI
+dep_tristate 'EATA ISA/EISA (DPT PM2011/021/012/022/122/322) support' CONFIG_SCSI_EATA $CONFIG_SCSI
dep_tristate 'EATA-DMA (DPT, NEC, AT&T, SNI, AST, Olivetti, Alphatronix) support' CONFIG_SCSI_EATA_DMA $CONFIG_SCSI
dep_tristate 'EATA-PIO (old DPT PM2001, PM2012A) support' CONFIG_SCSI_EATA_PIO $CONFIG_SCSI
-dep_tristate 'UltraStor 14F/34F support' CONFIG_SCSI_U14_34F $CONFIG_SCSI
dep_tristate 'Future Domain 16xx SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_FUTURE_DOMAIN $CONFIG_SCSI
dep_tristate 'Generic NCR5380/53c400 SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_GENERIC_NCR5380 $CONFIG_SCSI
if [ "$CONFIG_SCSI_GENERIC_NCR5380" != "n" ]; then
@@ -32,6 +37,7 @@
Memory CONFIG_SCSI_G_NCR5380_MEM" Port
+dep_tristate 'NCR53c406a SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_NCR53C406A $CONFIG_SCSI
if [ "$CONFIG_PCI" = "y" ]; then
dep_tristate 'NCR53c7,8xx SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_NCR53C7xx $CONFIG_SCSI
if [ "$CONFIG_SCSI_NCR53C7xx" != "n" ]; then
@@ -40,7 +46,7 @@
-dep_tristate 'Always IN2000 SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_IN2000 $CONFIG_SCSI
+dep_tristate 'IOMEGA Parallel Port ZIP drive SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_PPA $CONFIG_SCSI
dep_tristate 'PAS16 SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_PAS16 $CONFIG_SCSI
dep_tristate 'Qlogic FAS SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_QLOGIC_FAS $CONFIG_SCSI
if [ "$CONFIG_PCI" = "y" ]; then
@@ -50,11 +56,7 @@
dep_tristate 'Seagate ST-02 and Future Domain TMC-8xx SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_SEAGATE $CONFIG_SCSI
dep_tristate 'Trantor T128/T128F/T228 SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_T128 $CONFIG_SCSI
+dep_tristate 'UltraStor 14F/34F support' CONFIG_SCSI_U14_34F $CONFIG_SCSI
dep_tristate 'UltraStor SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_ULTRASTOR $CONFIG_SCSI
-dep_tristate '7000FASST SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_7000FASST $CONFIG_SCSI
-dep_tristate 'EATA ISA/EISA (DPT PM2011/021/012/022/122/322) support' CONFIG_SCSI_EATA $CONFIG_SCSI
-dep_tristate 'NCR53c406a SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_NCR53C406A $CONFIG_SCSI
-dep_tristate 'IOMEGA Parallel Port ZIP drive SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_PPA $CONFIG_SCSI
-bool 'AM53/79C974 PCI SCSI support' CONFIG_SCSI_AM53C974
#dep_tristate 'SCSI debugging host adapter' CONFIG_SCSI_DEBUG $CONFIG_SCSI

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