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1 Jun 1996

[New] weirdness with ramdisk in pre2.0.2"J. Sean Connell"
[New] Re: SVGA kernel chipset drivers.Tom May
  Re: SVGA kernel chipset drivers.Linus Torvalds
  Re: pre2.0.9 (was Re: CD-ROM Access Crashes)Matthias Urlichs
[New] GA5486, can't reboot (2)Herbert Rosmanith
[New] UMSDOS BUGSystem Manager
[New] RE: Ooooooops!Alex Pikus
[New] Re: [POSIX.6] Patches uploaded [email protected] ...
[New] 1.2.13 kernel errorsTony Salomons
[New] Re: strange df output?Jon Tombs
[New] Re: packages and the kernel (long, sorry...)"Graham Mitchell"
[New] Tidying drivers/scsi/ (with patch)Mike Civil
  noblink (was Re: [POSIX.6] Patches uploaded)Mark Devlin
[New] Re: Ooooooops! [email protected] ...
[New] Re: SVGA kernel chipset drivers.Bryn Paul Arnold Jones
[New] 1.99.10 sound conf problemseyal
  Re: SVGA kernel chipset drivers.Tom May
[New] [no tech content] list moderationKevin M Bealer
  ppp setup problemsSystem Administrator
  Re: 1.99.10 sound conf problems"William E. Roadcap"
  Re: [no tech content] list moderation"David S. Miller"
[New] Re: noblink (was Re: [POSIX.6] Patches uploaded) [email protected] ...
  Re: SVGA kernel chipset drivers.root
  Re: SVGA kernel chipset drivers.ixx
  Re: packages and the kernelKevin M Bealer
[New] Re: ppp setup problems"Graham Mitchell"
  Re: packages and the kernel"Eddie C. Dost"
  Re: SVGA kernel chipset drivers."Jon M. Taylor"
[New] Bug Report -- SCSI controller freeze-up"Anthony R."
  Re: SVGA kernel chipset drivers."Jon M. Taylor"
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