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SubjectRe: new kernels dies on my hardware
On Tue, 7 May 1996, Dmitry E. Kim wrote:

> hello people,
> i just have no idea what's wrong with it, and that's why i'm posting
> it here:
> the problem is, all the relatively new kernels (from 1.3.87 to 1.3.97)
> die in ten minutes on my machine. no "oops", not a single word to console
> or syslog, nothing -- it just dies, stops swapping and everything else
> and only allows to switch between virtual terminals on console, so i have
> to power my machine off. as for hardware, i have pci asustek motherboard,
> 32 megs of ram, one smc-ultra and one wd80x3 ethernet cards, well, nothing
> else special. i tried different scsi controllers (pci ncr and aha2940),
> but it doesn't matter. as for software, i have gcc-2.7.2, libc-5.2.18,
> binutils 2.5.2l.17, no kerneld, both ethernet card drivers built as
> modules, as well as ppp/slhc/bsd_comp.
> when i boot new kernel (one of the mentiomed above), it lives ok
> for 10 - 13 minutes, when dies.
> thus, i currently use 1.3.77, and it feels fine. but i'm troubled
> by the fact that i don't know why new kernel hangs. if anybody has any
> ideas about it, please let me know.
> cheers,
> jason.

Just a shot in the dark, but I compiled a-out support as a module once and
the system behaved like this.

The a-out 'bdflush' type daemons could not start during bootup, since
a-out/kerneld had not loaded yet.

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