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SubjectRe: Linux logo
> On 5 May 1996, Thomas Quinot wrote:
> > Tyson D Sawyer ( écrit :
> >
> > > > hmm. i don't think FreeBSD is the "adversary" here, but Windows 95
> > > > certainly is. how about a penguin smashing in a window or something?
> > > Sounds like a _much_ better idea to me!
> >
> > Indeed. It is to be noted that the BSD people already have a 'BSD daemon
> > smashing window" logo... Perhaps someone endowed with drawing skills
> > could prepare a "Daemon+Penguin joint attack" ?
> This would be nice. Perhaps one of them could be riding a GNU?

A hoarde of GNU-riding penguins and daemons beseiging Microsoft Keep

> Anyone who is running linux or BSD would probably have made a concious
> choice between them, and we mainly want people to move away from the
> Micro$oft stable, then particularly to Linux.

I still say that while all these ideas are good, we should first start
by pushing the penguin as a logo for Linux.

As of right now, the penguin is only associated with Linux by the
readers of this list. If we seriously want to use the penguin as a
logo, then we should start by publicizing that association. Penguins
on the warpath against Microsoft makes sense only if you know that the
penguins represent Linux, and not Soft-ICE or even Bud Ice (both of
which reputedly ise penguins heavily as a symbol)

Perhaps a pitch could be made to have the Linux Journal feature a
Penguin waving a Linux 2.0 banner on the cover of the first issue after
the official release? A penguin on the homepage? An
interesting "birds of a feather" gathering at Usenix (tuxedo and tails,
maybe? Maybe not)?

Buddha Buck
"She was infatuated with their male prostitutes, whose members were
like those of donkeys and whose seed came in floods like that of
stallions." -- Ezekiel 23:20

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